Thanks for a Successful 2020 Christmas party

We would like to thank all the Nobles, Ladies, and the community for your support for Hadji’s Children’s Christmas Party, December 12, 2020.

Without the help of Units, Nobles, and Ladies, this event would not have been successful! I give a special thanks to my Lady and wife, Ella Minchew for her hard work organizing this event. Special thanks also to our 2021 Potentate, George Wise, for going with me to Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital to deliver gifts to one of our Shrine Children, Emma Bolton who was missing the party.

Over 30 Shrine Children attended the party along with their many siblings and other happy children in our Hadji community.

I have recently checked up on Emma Bolton, and she’s back in school and doing great! Her mother, Kristin, sends thanks to all our Shriners for what we do.

Bobby Minchew
2020 High Priest and Prophet, 2021 Assistant Rabban

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