Greetings from Your Potentate

Greetings Nobles,

Margie and I hope that everyone is doing well.

It looks like we are about to see the end of this period of isolation from each other and just maybe we can get back to Having Fun Together. We have had several events this year that I think have been very successful and well attended. The Fish Fry, March 19th, was a great event! Thanks to all who made it happen, Noble John Hartley and his lady provided and cook all the fish, fries, and hushpuppies. Lady Dot Horton provided the grits and the Widows Club provided dessert. Ill. Sir Chris Saul provided the music. To Noble Mitch Esser, Lady Cindy Lenn, Lady Christine Francis, Past First Lady Adrienne Zarahn, all the Divan Ladies and all who help with the decorations and entertainment. We thank each one of you so much! We also would like to thank the Director Staff for allowing the use their warehouse for this event.

On March 20th, The Potentate Ball, Lady Margie’s theme was Denim and Diamonds and Chief of Staff, Bobby Gean, with his vision, creativity, energy, hard work and the help of so many made it come to life. The food was very good thanks to expertise of Members of the Untouchables and their ladies, headed up by Past Imperial Chaplain David Lenn and Noble Harold Grosskoph. We hope everyone had a good time listening and dancing to the music of the High Time band while dressed up in their cowboy hats and boots. It was so good to see Hadji full of Nobles, their ladies and guest having a good time. We
would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who participated in making 2021 Potentate Ball a success. I
would like to especially thank Bobby Gean and Cindy Lenn for taking care of the many details involved in putting on
a Potentate Ball and for taking a lot of stress off my lady Margie and I. Thanks to my lady Margie for all the hard work
she did on this Ball and for being by my side all these years in good times and bad times, I love you with all my heart.

On April 3rd, we had the annual Children Easter Egg hunt, chaired by Hadji Oriental Guide Rondel King and his lady
Debbie. It was well attended and enjoyed by all. Thanks to all the Nobles, their ladies and Units who participated.
The kids had a great time getting their picture taken with the Easter Bunny provided by noble Dean Given.

On April 9th, the Untouchables Unit had their annual Crawfish Boil which was a great success thanks to President Mitch
Esser, his lady Corrie and the Nobles and Ladies of the Untouchables. It was a great time for all who attended with
games, prizes and 50/50. I was told by many that the crawfish were some of best they ever had, thanks to our new
Noble Teddy Mansfield and crew.

On May 1st, the Director Staff had their 31st Annual Golf Tournament which is always a good event thanks to the hard work of the Nobles of the Director Staff, their ladies, Director Jay Cowick, his lady Betty and all the Units and nobles who help. It was a fun day! On May 8th, the Golf Unit had their First Annual Putt-Putt Golf Tournament, which I am told they had over thirty teams participating, that is outstanding. Thank you to all that made this new event a success.

This is what we need for every Unit to come up with. An event that is fun for all who attend. This is what makes a Unit strong, this is what makes a unit grow. This is what will make Hadji grow.

I want to thank everyone for your help and support this year and thank you for the honor and pleasure to serve the
Nobility of Hadji as your potentate for 2021. I hope my performance has been what you expected of me, if not let me
know, remember I work for you.

Let’s have fun helping kids, Let’s have fun taking care of Hadji and Let’s have fun in all that we do!

Your Potentate,
Illustrious Sir George Wise

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