August Potentate Letter

Greetings Nobles and Ladies,

We’re half way through the year, and it’s been a pleasure and an honor for Ella and me to serve you as
Potentate and First Lady of Hadji.

In June, the ladies of Hadji enjoyed a delightful luncheon honoring our First Lady Ella. Our thanks to all
who attended, and all who worked to make the event a success. Special thanks to our Chief Rabban
and Lady Donna and all her helpers who created this beautiful event. Working together, everyone had a
wonderful time.

July proves to be a busy month. A group of us recently returned from Imperial Session 2023 in Charlotte,
NC. I would like to thank all who gave their time (and money) to attend the event. Your delegates and
Nobles attended daily meetings of the Imperial Session. Highlights for the ladies included attending a
reception for the new Supreme Queen Patty Larimore of Daughters of the Nile and a very nice luncheon
honoring our 2022-2023 Imperial First Lady Jennifer Craven. Wednesday night for All Nobles Evening,
the group enjoyed a concert by Country singer, Joe Nichols. The fellowship throughout the week made
this a memorable trip for all attending. Congratulations to our newly elected Imperial Potentate for 2023-
2024, Imperial Sir Ed Stolz. He and First Lady JoLynn will be visiting us at Hadji July 21-22, 2023.

Upcoming Potentate Balls:
July 28-29: Shaddai Potentate’s Ball in Panama City, FL
August 1-2: Marzuk Potentate’s Ball in Tallahassee, FL

The second week in August, your Potentate, several Divan members along with other Nobles and their
Ladies will be attending the summer session of the South East Shrine Association, SESA, in Pigeon
Forge, SC.

August 19th will be a busy day at Hadji. We will have Second Section Ceremonial coordinated by the
Past Masters Unit of Hadji. All Nobles and their Ladies are invited to attend. Dinner will be the Annual
Hog Roast sponsored by the Oriental Band. New Members and their ladies eat at no charge. More
information coming soon.

Looking forward to summer’s ending and the busy fall ahead.

As always, please check your email for updates on happenings at Hadji. If you are not receiving emails,
please contact Jennifer at the Hadji office, 850-476-9384.

Yours In Faith,
Illustrious Sir Bobby R. Minchew
Potentate 2023

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