Join the Hadji Shriners Misfits

We Misfits pray that everyone is doing well and moving past the pandemic. Returning to normal activity
is what we Hadji Misfits are attempting to do as of this month and we had our first regular meeting April 21.

Our parade vehicles have sat idle for a year. Three Misfit members were able to get their Go Karts ready and provided rides for many children at the Hadji Children’s Easter Party on April 3. Misfits Jody Villar, Jim Cox, Rondel King and Past Potentate Ed Brown tirelessly provided rides around the Hadji grounds for many children. There was a lot of children who lined up for a ride. It appeared that the drivers had as much fun as the children.

The Misfits Unit is a very active Hadji Shriners Parade Unit and our members welcome all interested Nobles to join us. If you think that you would enjoy representing Shriners in parades, our members are eager to talk to you about our parade involvement and other Misfits Unit activities.

You can check us out by attending one of our unit meetings. We meet the third Wednesday of each month, at 7:00PM, in our second floor Unit room of Hadji Shrine Center.

You Can Make a HUGE Impact